Do you want to learn a foreign language?

Do you want to learn a foreign language in a fast and efficient way? Would you like to speak German, English or Romanian? Are you looking for a job abroad and you need to learn a foreign language? If this is your case, our foreign languages centre CLSO can be the perfect solution for you!

curs de limba engleza

Learn English online

As long as you have not had the opportunity to learn English at school and have had no other opportunity to do so, the English courses available at Foreign Languages Center Oradea – CLSO – may be the best choice for you.

At the same time, nowadays, taking into consideration the era we’re living in, it is very important to know an international language, at the moment the most spoken being English.

Last but not least, we invite you to discover some other advantages for which you deserve to learn English:

  • it can help you in the business environment, while many jobs require it;
  • if you travel frequently or go on holiday in a foreign country, knowing English can help you when it comes to communicating with the locals;
  • English language can greatly increase your opportunities, both in career and in your everyday life.

So what are you waiting for? Find out all the details and sign up for the English course.

curs de limba germana

Learn German online

A German language course, be it a beginners’ or advanced level, can bring you many benefits.

To begin with, German is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​on the European continent, with many countries relying on it.

At the same time, when it comes to pursuing a successful career, the opportunities that arise if you know German language are many.

There are thousands of companies that ask in the job description for German language skills.

Here are some other advantages that a German course can bring you:

  • you can read a lot of books, because new publications in German are issued daily;
  • German language schools offer you more opportunities;
curs de limba romana

Learn Romanian online

Do you know anyone who wants to learn Romanian? You’ve come to the right place!

If you know any foreign person who wants to learn Romanian or simply wants to deepen their knowledge, our courses can be as recommended!

Romanian language courses are ideal for students preparing for exams or for any other person who undergoes a Romanian grammar examination;

The business environment in Romania is becoming more dense and therefore the Romanian language is becoming more and more demanded. There are a lot of international companies that send their employees to our country. And if they start working here, why not learn our language?

Even if you didn’t know, there are plenty of reasons why you should enroll in a Romanian language course. Dozens of online articles describe our language as one of the most interesting languages ​​in the world.

What do our students say about our foreign language courses?

“I highly recommend this Foreign Language Center! At the moment I take German courses and I really like how these courses are conducted, they are interactive, and the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. I highly recommend it!”

Ema Cost

“I have completed a German language course at Foreign Language Center and I am very pleased with the results. I currently work in Italy (the border area with Austria) where I put into practice the concepts I’ve learnt.”

Sabina Marieta
“Until the venerable age of 83 years old, I speak 5 foreign languages ​​and 2 years ago I decided to start learning the 6th one (Romanian language). Learning a foreign language has helped me and continues to train my brain and keep it young. Thanks to CLSO for their support.”

Klaus E.

“For 3 years I have been carrying on a part of my activity in Romania. So far I have learned some things „by ear” but I wanted to know how to talk more and better in order to be able to develop my business in this beautiful country even more. Although I do not really like grammar in general, I have acquired a lot of notions of this kind without realizing it. I think a good teacher does that after all.”

Uggo C.

Pricing plans for our english, german and romanian language courses

Individual courses

100 lei/hour

  • 50 hours (1 hour = 50 minutes)

  • 2, 3, 4 classes/week (1 class = 1 hour & 40 min)

  • course duration 12,5 weeks

  • modules A1 – C2

  • evaluation test (grid)

  • online availability

  • custom schedule

Payable in installments course

1667 lei / month

  • 50 hours (1 hour = 50 minutes)

  • 2, 3, 4 classes/week (1 class = 1 hour & 40 min)

  • course duration 12,5 weeks

  • modules A1 – C2

  • evaluation test (grid)

  • online availability

  • custom schedule

  • payable in 3 installments

Group course

from 1999 lei / student

  • 50 hours (1 hour = 50 minutes)

  • 2, 3, 4 courses/week (1 course = 1 hour & 40 min)

  • course duration 12,5 weeks

  • modules A1 – C2

  • evaluation test (grid)

  • online availability

  • custom schedule

  • organized in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 students

  • the price varies according to the number of people, the price shown is for groups of 6 people

Details for each module/level

Not happy with the results? Benefit from Money Back Guarantee!

Descoperă detalii importante despre taxa de curs alături de alte informați relevante

retur taxa curs

The CLSO team guarantees for the efficiency of the courses taught. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact us within 30 days from the completion of the module to which you have registered and we will fully refund the course fee paid. Please note that this applies only if your attendance at the course was 100%.

Payment of the fee for following a course module (with a minimum of 6 persons) is made upon registration, either in full or in two installments.

  • the first installment is paid upon registration
  • the second installment must be paid within two weeks from the beginning of the course module. Failure to pay the second installment within this term will lead to the impossibility of continuing to attend the courses.

For one-on-one course language (with one person only) the fee is established according to the level requested by the student.


The fee does not cover the cost of textbooks.

The taxes paid at our office can only be paid in cash, not by card.

At the same time, the tax is not refunded and no discounts are made for the cases when students are not attending for personal reasons. If the teacher is absent, the courses will be recovered

  • by extending the course module;
  • by finding another solution that is agreed with the majority of students;

CLSO course start dates – group course version (minimum 6 people).

date start curs limbi straine CLSO

* Please note that this data is general in nature and applies only to the version of the group course (minimum 6 students), the group formed by the Foreign Language Center Oradea. The waiting time for the group forming is 30 days from registration. If a group does not form during this period, and you can no longer or do not want to wait for the group forming, you can choose to have your money returned.

* If you choose one-on-one, group of 2-5 people or more students’ course and you are already a formed group, the displayed data can be modified on request.

Dates at which the courses begin: 03.01.2023; 09.02.2023; 10.03.2023; 24.03.2023; 12.05.2023; 26.05.2023; 14.07.2023; 28.07.2023; 15.09.2023; 29.09.2023; 17.11.2023; 24.11.2023; 09.12.2023.

Frequently asked questions about our foregin language courses

The registrations can be made both at our main office on Primariei street no. 54, ap. 14, Oradea, Bihor, from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 – 17:00, as well as online. It is necessary to pay the full course fee or the first installment in order to participate in CLSO courses. In case of registration, only half of the course fee is paid and the difference will be paid within 2 weeks from the beginning of the course. For registration, the registration form (either offline or online) will be completed with personal data (from ID card or passport) – attach the direct link for payment.
Persons wishing to take a language course for A0 or A1 level will not take a placement test.
It is not necessary to come in person to CLSO headquarters. Registrations can also be made online. However, if you choose registration in person – you can delegate someone else who will know your personal data necessary to complete the registration form. Upon registration, the course is either entirely paid or half of the value and the difference in no more than 2 weeks from the beginning of the course.
No. No higher education studies are required (high-school/bachelor’s/master’s degree, etc.)
YES. CLSO organizes courses for children as well as courses for adults or companies.
The days are set according to several factors: the choice of the majority of the students, the availability of the teacher, the availability of the classrooms. If the schedule does not benefit you, there is the possibility of transferring to another group of the same level if there is at that time another group at the same level.

Foreign language courses registration form

By using this form I wish and agree to sign up for the courses organized by the GCB Foreign Language Center, based in Oradea, Primariei street, no. 54, ap. 14, represented here by Corina Gal, as the Administrator. I declare that I am committed to pay the displayed amount for the course module. I declare that the amounts paid will not be refunded if I give up the on-going module and that I am willing to wait 30 days from the date of registration (unless there is an exact date on the CLSO website for starting a course) until the start date for the course chosen by me, otherwise being able to opt for the refund of the amounts paid.