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Do you have a document that needs to be


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Translation Services

We offer legalized translation services from a wide portfolio of foreign languages.

If you are interested in our translation services, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page and send us the text or document you want to be translated. We will get back to you with a personalized offer as soon as possible!

CLSO teachers and translators are people with vast experience in the field. They distinguish themselves by remarkable results.

Interpreting Services

Do you need a reliable interpreter that adapts to the nature of the event, its domain and its location?

CLSO can help you reach the desired results through the best interpreters, who have the possibility to support you throughout the event.

You just have to take care of organizing the event, while we are dealing with its success!!

translations in the legal field: court decisions, power of attorney, sale-purchase contracts, leasing contracts, commodity contracts;

emigration files: birth certificates, marriage certificates, graduation diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, registration sheets for high school and college, work books, professional certificates, letters of recommendation, records;

documents issued by educational institutions: analytical programs for any type of faculty; education diplomas for obtaining scholarships abroad;

translations from the economic field: economic contracts, balance sheets, account plans, marketing studies;

documents for company establishment: the contract and the company status, powers of attorney, court decisions;

translations in the technical field: energy, electric, engineering, mechanics, automation, IT, construction, design, architecture, urbanism, translation of feasibility studies, technical prospectuses, projects, quotations for constructions, specifications, documentation for participating in the auction, quality manuals for ISO certification.

Medical field translations

* On request any other domain
















Note: We reserve the right to apply a percentage increase of the rates in case of emergencies with a deadline of execution up to 24 hours with the prior announcement of the client. Depending on the nature of the translations, the delivery is made by e-mail, in case of simple translations or by personal delivery in case of authorized and legalized translations.

What the customers say


“Since 2016, CLSO Translations has been our partner in terms of technical translation services, proving promptness and seriousness.”

GIG Tour

“We are impressed by the fast delivery and the professionalism of CLSO Translations. We highly recommend it!”

Florian Eder – General Manger at European Vegetable

“At Foreign Languages Center Oradea we have always relied on language improvement because our employees are the most important factors for our success. The proposed terms and results were as expected. CLSO is on the list for future collaborations. We recommend CLSO for the professionalism and fairness with which our employees and trainees are treated!”


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