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Course (online & offline) Italian course

Italian course start date: 26.05.2022. Sign-up early!

* the start date of the courses is valid for the courses organized in a group (minimum 6 people)

Learn Italian at


All foreign language courses are available both online and offline. To find out more details, we invite you to check the price section.

So, we see you decided to learn Italian? Perfect!

Italian language is one of the languages ​​of the world defined by culture, being one of the most spoken languages ​​even in the business environment.

Also, Italian language is spoken at university level, there are a lot of schools that teach in Italian.

It is a fairly an easy language to learn, being preferred by many people who want to enrich their foreign language portfolio.

Also, if you love traveling and are attracted to Italy, it is advisable to know this language. The Italians are famous both for their art and culture and for the places and culinary food they can offer.

That being said, we invite you to discover more details about the Italian language courses that we provide.

What the students say


For several years I have been in a relationship with an Italian lady. She speaks English well, the language in which we understand each other. Because things are going in a good direction, I moved to Italy. I am taking an online Italian language course from my native language and I really like it. Nothing is more convenient and simple.

Dragos S.


The English course is structured in 6 modules, each module lasting 2-7 months, comprising 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS.

Types of course:

  • one-on-one course
  • tandem course (2 people)
  • course with 3, 4, 5 people
  • group course of at least 6 people

!! The prices displayed refer to the group course (minimum 6 persons). Courses with a smaller number of people have a higher rate, which is established according to the number of participants in the course.

The course can be carried out both on our premises and on Skype if you cannot move or reside or live in another city or country.


The schedule is 2 sessions/week, each session lasting 2 hours up until 5 sessions/week, each session lasting 2 hours, between 15:00 – 17:00, 17:00 – 19:00, or 19:00 – 21:00, and the days are established according to the options of the majority of the students and the teacher’s program. In case there is already a pre-formed group, there can be established another time schedule for the course module you have chosen.

Placement test

Except for the beginners, the distribution of the students in intermediate and advanced level groups is done on the basis of a placement test. The price of a test is 250 lei (to find out the language level) or FREE if you have registered for a course organized by our institution. The test is completed at our headquarters on Primariei street no. 54, flat no. 14, Oradea, Bihor.


Online/offline italian courses

Module [A1]

1650 lei

Beginners level 1

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [A2]

1650 lei

Elementary level 1 and 2

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [B1]

1650 lei

Pre-intermediate level 1 and 2

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [B2]

1650 lei

Intermediate level 1 and 2

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [C1]

1650 lei

Advanced level 1 and 2

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [C2]

1650 lei

Advanced level 1 and 2

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Details for each module/level















Effective Op. Profficiency




Payment of the fee for following a course module (with a minimum of 6 persons) is made upon registration, either in full or in two installments.

● the first installment is paid upon registration

● the second installment must be paid within two weeks from the beginning of the course module. Failure to pay the second installment within this term will lead to the impossibility of continuing to attend the courses.

For one-on-one course language (with one person only) the fee is established according to the level requested by the student.


The fee does not cover the cost of textbooks.

The taxes paid at our office can only be paid in cash, not by card.

At the same time, the tax is not refunded and no discounts are made for the cases when students are not attending for personal reasons. If the teacher is absent, the courses will be recovered

● by extending the course module;

● by finding another solution that is agreed with the majority of students;

The CLSO team guarantees for the efficiency of the courses taught. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact us within 30 days from the completion of the module to which you have registered and we will fully refund the course fee paid. Please note that this applies only if your attendance at the course was 100%.


CLSO course start dates - group course version (minimum 6 people).

* Please note that this data is general in nature and applies only to the version of the group course (minimum 6 students), the group formed by the Foreign Language Center Oradea. The waiting time for the group forming is 30 days from registration. If a group does not form during this period, and you can no longer or do not want to wait for the group forming, you can choose to have your money returned.

* If you choose one-on-one, group of 2-5 people or more students’ course and you are already a formed group, the displayed data can be modified on request.

Dates at which the courses begin: 03.01.2022, 09.02.2022, 10.03.2022; 24.03.2022; 12.05.2022; 26.05.2022; 14.07.2022; 28.07.2022; 15.09.2022; 29.09.2022; 17.11.2022; 24.11.2022; 09.12.2022.

Italian course registration form

Prin prezentul formular doresc și sunt de acord să mă înscriu la cursurile organizate de Centrul de Limbi Străine GCB, cu sediul în Oradea, Str. Primăriei Nr. 54, Ap. 14, reprezentată aici prin administratorul Gal Corina. Declar că mă angajez să plătesc suma afișata pentru modulul de curs. Declar ca sumele plătite nu se restituie în cazul în care renunț pe parcurs la modulul în curs și că sunt dispus să aștept 30 de zile de data înscrierii ( exceptând cazul în care nu apare o data exactă pe site-ul CLSO pentru începerea unui curs) până la data de începere a cursului ales de mine, în caz contrar putând opta pentru înapoierea sumelor plătite.

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