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Clever Kids Courses for kids

Courses for kids


Workshops for bright-minded kids!

Clever Kids- the first bilingual workshops (English/German) in Oradea. Your child can learn two languages simultaneously through creative methods.

Clever kids is a burrow –of a special kind! A hidden hollow, full of treasures, where we explore through play talents, hobbies and penchants. Friendly teachers take full advantage of the playful spirit of the little munchkins and highlight their skills and abilities.

Saturday has never been more fun! You can come every weekend in our burrow and together we will train future adults with personality and vision.

We will step on fairy lands and be enchanted by stories in English and German, practice dexterity and improve our motor skills, explore our emotions, enrich our vocabulary and learn to speak in public.

We propose three bilingual workshops, which are held simultaneously every Saturday:


We learn how to pronounce the words correctly, practice enunciation exercises, learn public speaking skills or even on television and develop our relationship skills.

AGILE LITTLE HANDS (in English and German)

We learn to create our own toys, mold personalized objects and practice our dexterity and imagination.


We listen to songs, read stories, “go round” the world to learn English / German, through interactive activities.

Courses for kids

English and German

English course for kids

Do you want your kid to learn a foreign language correctly and efficiently? Therefore, his place is in the CLSO Kids Club! Sign up now for an English course for kids.

German course for kids

The adventurous world of languages ​​is just a click away from your child! Sign up for a German course for kids and become a CLSO Kids Club member!

    • the groups are also formed by age, ranging from 3-5 years, 5-8 years, 8-14 years.
    • Schedule: Monday – Friday, between 16:00 – 18:00 and 18:00 – 20:00.
    • The courses can also be held on Saturdays.
    • Courses for kids up to 7 years old can last 1 hour, 1 and a half hours respectively.
    • The course cost is 20 lei / hour and a course consists of 30 hours – total cost 600 lei. The price displayed refers to groups composed of minimum of 5 children.

Prices for children courses

600 lei

20 lei / hour

Groups of minimum 5 children

Summer school


The CLSO Summer school is organized annually. It is the ideal place where your child can spend part of the summer vacation learning one or more foreign languages ​​through play!

Not only is it in a safe place but it will surely tell you about the multitude of interesting things he/she learned!

The Summer school will give your child the opportunity to participate in creative workshops where he/she will learn how to make animals, flowers and lots of other interesting objects.

We use modern teaching methods and techniques, very similar to the well-known “Maria Montessori” method, in that the learning is based on what the child experiences with all senses.

Thus, your child develops his thinking in all aspects!

  • at CLSO Summer School children have the opportunity to learn German and English from an early age;
  • The Summer school is for children between the ages of 6 and 14;
  • Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm (with breaks included);
  • wide range of activities;
  • art and craft workshops;


Our mission is to revolutionize foreign languages courses using the most efficient and the fastest teaching methods.


At CLSO you have the possibility to complete a foreign language course both online and offline. You choose how you want to learn!


We work hard daily in order to offer our clients a broad languages portfolio. Discover our courses.


Our foreign languages courses are designed in such a way that almost anyone can afford them.

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