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Corporate Courses for companies

Dedicated foreign languages courses


Our “CLSO CORPORATE” courses represent the tool we have been using since 2015 to help small and big companies increase their value through the contribution their key employees bring by knowing a foreign language.

Throughout the years we have been preparing people working in leading positions, quality department, human resources, logistics, purchase, IT and other fields.

Our companies’ packages come with many more benefits:
– Identifying the language skills the employees have for the chosen language;
– Establishing the level employees should have for that specific language;
– The use of new training concepts, in order to make the teaching more efficient;

So, how well does your team know German, English, Italian or the language you want them to learn?

Contact us and choose a corporate package, adapted to your company’s objectives and needs!

What do your employees learn when reaching a B2 English level? (this level implies the student can communicate freely in a foreign language)

– They can draft reports, financial documents, presentations;
– They can make phone calls or communicate during meetings according to different formality levels;
– They can debate and bring arguments about strategies in marketing campaigns, economical developing plans or technical processes;

Courses packages (online & offline)


Module [A1]

1650 lei

Beginners level 1

Duration: 50 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [A2]

1980 lei

Elementary level 1 and 2

Duration: 60 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [B1]

2310 lei

Pre-intermediate level 1 and 2

Duration: 70 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [B2]

2475 lei

Intermediate level 1 and 2

Duration: 70 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [C1]

2640 lei

Advanced level 1 and 2

Duration: 80 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

Module [C2]

2640 lei

Advanced level 1 and 2

Duration: 80 hours + 10 hours BONUS

Placement test included

What do our clients say


“CLSO Translations has been our partner since 2016 translating our technical documentation, showing promptness and reliability.”

GIG Tour

“We are impressed by how fast CLSO delivers its translations and how professional they are. We definitely recommend them!”

Florian Eder – General Manger la European Vegetable

“We have always trusted CLSO concerning language improvement because our employees are the most important factor for our success. The suggested terms and the results obtained were as we expected. We will collaborate with CLSO in the future. We recommend CLSO due to the professionalism and correctness they treat their collaborators and students!”


Sign up form for CLSO corporate courses

By using this form I wish and agree to sign up for the courses organized by the GCB Foreign Language Center, based in Oradea, Primariei street, no. 54, ap. 14, represented here by Corina Gal, as the Administrator. I declare that I am committed to pay the displayed amount for the course module. I declare that the amounts paid will not be refunded if I give up the on-going module and that I am willing to wait 30 days from the date of registration (unless there is an exact date on the CLSO website for starting a course) until the start date for the course chosen by me, otherwise being able to opt for the refund of the amounts paid.


    Our mission is to revolutionize foreign languages courses using the most efficient and the fastest teaching methods.


    At CLSO you have the possibility to complete a foreign language course both online and offline. You choose how you want to learn!


    We work hard daily in order to offer our clients a broad languages portfolio. Discover our courses.


    Our foreign languages courses are designed in such a way that almost anyone can afford them.

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