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The advantages of learning a foreign language online and offline. In the current context, a bilingual competitive workforce is needed, regardless of the operational field.

CLSO organizes foreign languages courses for different levels, throughout the school year, in small groups (generally, a number of maximum 15 students).

We have a young team, which includes teachers, trainers, translators and interpreters trained in Romania and abroad.

Our teachers use their teaching experience gained both at home and abroad, the methods being efficient and stimulating.

The structure of the courses differs depending on the foreign language, and the duration of a complete course (from beginners to advanced) is about two years. For teaching, we use modern materials from the most prestigious foreign publishers (Macmillan Heinemann, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Hueber, Hachette, Alma, SGEL, Intertaal, Daf Kompakt Deutsch, Langenscheidt, etc.), including audio and video.

The structure of all the foreign languages courses comprises a variable number of modules, lasting between 30 and 240 hours, running at the rate of 2 sessions of 2 hours per week / 4 sessions of 2 hours per week.

At the end of a module, the students receive a certificate of participation where is specified the type and duration of the course as well as the qualification obtained by the student following the teacher’s assessment. Certificates are accredited.

Do you want to learn a foreign language?

Join our team and learn: German, English, Italian, French, Romanian or any other language (on request) quickly and efficiently.


Our mission is to revolutionize foreign languages courses using the most efficient and the fastest teaching methods.


At CLSO you have the possibility to complete a foreign language course both online and offline. You choose how you want to learn!


We work hard daily in order to offer our clients a broad languages portfolio. Discover our courses.


Our foreign languages courses are designed in such a way that almost anyone can afford them.

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